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Why Do You Want This Job? Best Way to Answer this Question (Sample Answers Included)

We can never completely overcome the fear of job interviews. After all, interviews are the stepping stone for a flourishing career. Even though it might be the same set of questions like – ‘tell us something about yourself’, ‘why do you want this job’, ‘what are your strengths and weaknesses?’, ‘Why should we hire you?’ etc., the answers are different each time. This article will guide you to answer why do you want to associate with us in an impactful way. 

Research the Company and Position

Before you attend the interview, conduct thorough research on the company and the position. This will help you to pick relevant references and link your skills to the job profile. The three things to keep in mind while researching are, 

i. Learn About The Company’s Mission, Values, And Culture

Information on the company’s background will help you to curate your answer engagingly. For instance, you can pick out a value or mission you identify with. Suppose a healthcare centre arranges an annual free health check-up for people in need. 

You can easily say that as I also believe that no one should be deprived of basic health necessities, I want to contribute towards this social cause, and this platform is providing me with this golden chance. 

ii. Understand The Job Description And Requirements

Read the job requirements carefully to understand what kind of candidates they are expecting. Hence, when you answer ‘why do you want this job?’, you can state relevant skills and abilities. Avoid giving irrelevant or vague answers. 

iii. Identify How Your Skills And Experience Align With The Role

You cannot just keep on mentioning your skills consecutively. You must explain how that ability will enable you to serve the company or how it is relevant to the job profile. For instance, you can curate your answer for why do you want this job like this – I have a creative mind and can write engaging and interesting content. 

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Demonstrate Genuine Interest and Enthusiasm

You must convince the interviewer that you are enthusiastic about the job profile. Choose one or two of the company’s qualities that encourage you to work here. Let us look at some of the best ways to portray genuineness.

i. Express Your Passion For The Industry Or Field

Speak about how the industry interests and attracts you to consider it your profession. You can also add about your passion for working in that field. 

ii. Highlight What Attracts You To The Company Specifically

Your background research will come in handy here. Pick out one or two of the company’s mission or values that convince you to be a part of it. However, do not overdo it. Remember, you need to sound genuine. 

iii. Show Excitement About The Opportunity To Contribute And Grow

Try to link your passion for the field and how the company gives you that perfect platform to fulfil your dream. Moreover, state how working with the company will kickstart your career growth. 

Align Your Career Goals with the Position

When replying to why this job is important for you, choose your career goals very carefully. They need to resonate closely with the job requirements. For instance, 

i. Explain How The Role Fits Into Your Long-term Career Plan

Another way to sound convincing for you – why do you want to do this job?- is to link your long-term goal with the job role. State reasons why the job profile is the perfect opportunity to succeed in your long-term career plans. 

ii. Discuss How The Position Will Help You Develop New Skills

Remember to mention how the position will prove to be a strong learning platform for you. While structuring your why do you want this job answer, you may include – As I will get to work with the other proficient employees, I will be able to gain new experiences throughout. 

iii. Mention How The Company’s Values Resonate With Your Own

While answering, you need to prove the similarity between your values and the company’s. However, ensure that the values are also relevant to the job requirement. For instance – I value sincerity and perseverance the most because the absence of anyone will hinder my personal development. Hence, I promise you my dedication and sincerity with every task you assign me. 

Showcase Your Relevant Skills and Experiences

One of the major sections of the answer for why you want this job will be your skills and experiences. While replying, mention both your soft skills and hard skills. You must be very precise in this case. Like, 

i. Provide Specific Examples Of How Your Skills Match The Job Requirements

You must be very calculative while stating your skills and matching them to the position requirements. The first advice here is not to overdo it, i.e., do not link each of your abilities to the profile requirements. Pick two or three fundamental and primary skills to relate to your job profile. Otherwise, you might sound unconvincing.

ii. Highlight Past Accomplishments That Demonstrate Your Suitability For The Role

While speaking of your achievements, begin with your last and highest accomplishments. However, for freshers, you can begin with the highest educational qualification when replying to why do you want to join us. If you have recently completed an internship or training, you can also start with that.  

iii. Explain How Your Unique Background Can Add Value To The Team

This is the best time to mention your soft skills like communication, leadership, teamwork, creativity, etc. You can also add hobbies and volunteer experiences and prove their relevance to the team. 

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Emphasise the Opportunity to Make an Impact

Interviews span for a limited time. Thus, you must be impactful and concise to maximise the opportunity. The most convenient ways to do it are,

i. Discuss How You Can Contribute To The Company’s Success

Try to prove your worth to the company. State different ways you can help the organisation to achieve success. You might add relevant past achievements to support your claims. 

ii. Mention Specific Projects Or Initiatives You’d Like To Work On

Proactiveness will always be rewarded. Hence, while curating your answer to why you want this job, select some definite projects you want to work on. You can also add any initiative you are excited to take on. 

iii. Express Your Desire To Make A Positive Difference In The Role

Once again, it would be best if you were proactive. Take the initiative and speak of your wish to change how the job role is commonly perceived. For instance, suppose you are applying for a team leader while replying to why you want this job, you might say – As a team leader, I want to instil enthusiasm into my team members and not just because the task demands it. 

Connect with the Interviewer

Your replies to how important is this job for you should also include your curious questions to the interviewer. Like, 

i. Find Common Ground Or Shared Experiences

Try to find a common link with the interviewer, such as a common interest. It can also be a shared mission or initiative for the company’s well-being. Sharing past experiences is also welcomed. 

ii. Ask Thoughtful Questions About The Position And Company

This is another way to establish your impression. You can either ask about the job profile or the company’s history. Moreover, you can appreciate a certain event and ask further questions about it. 

iii. Show Genuine Curiosity And Interest In The Interviewer’s Perspective

Showing curiosity will always work in your favour. However, do not overdo it. Keep it formal but engaging. 

Sample Answer 1: Entry-Level Position

The answer to this question will vary at different levels. One of the why do you want this job sample answer for freshers is

I have recently graduated with a Master of Arts in English and am stepping into the professional domain for the first time. Hence, working with an esteemed organisation like yours will ensure my career progression. Moreover, as a creative writer, I can curate engaging content to inspire the world with words. 

What attracts me is your company’s vision of changing lives and motivating people to realise their dreams. As I also believe that everyone needs motivation to move forward, I want to contribute to this initiative. Doing so through a globally acclaimed platform like yours will help me reach the maximum number of people. Hence, I would like to work with your organisation to become more proficient and develop new skills. 

Another why you want this job sample answer no experience is, 

I have applied for this job because this is the most suitable platform to showcase my abilities and learn new skills. I have considerable communication skills that fit perfectly with the job requirements. Additionally, I have recently completed an internship for the same designation and have an idea of the demands of the job profile. Moreover, beginning my career with your renowned organisation will enhance my career progression as I will work with proficient leaders and gain valuable experiences. As a candidate with no experience, I would be honoured to work with your company.

Sample Answer 2: Mid-Career Position

The best why do you want this job sample answer for mid-career position is, 

I have the right years of experience for the job position and can contribute considerably to the company’s mission. Moreover, I have been associated with similar projects and have led three projects with a team of five. Besides, your organisation can give me a platform for creative development and challenge myself to improve myself. As I align with your organisation’s vision, I promise that my dedication and perseverance will help the company achieve its ultimate goal. This organisation’s objective will certainly motivate me to contribute to the company’s success.

Sample Answer 3: Career Change

One of the why do you want this job best answer examples is

My main objective for a career change is to work with a company that shares my passion, vision and interests. While my current company has provided me with valuable experiences and guidance throughout my job tenure, I feel I align more with the mission and goal of this company. Your company’s previous initiatives and projects have caught my attention and made me eager to contribute to the organisation’s ultimate goal. I would be enthusiastic about joining a team working towards such a noble cause. 

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Common Mistakes To Avoid

These are some general mistakes most of us make while answering this question. They are, 

i. Giving Generic Or Vague Answers

While listening to your reply to why you want this job, interviewers expect you to be individualistic. Hence, giving general answers is not at all advisable. They are looking for more specific replies; hence, refrain from giving vague or stock answers. 

ii. Focusing Solely On Personal Benefits (E.G., Salary, Perks)

It is better to refrain from using lucrative salary or other perks while stating why do you want this job since it creates a negative impression. Interviewers might doubt your ability and objective. 

iii. Failing To Research The Company And Position Thoroughly

Researching the company’s history is paramount. You need to know the mission and goal of the company in detail to integrate them into your answers. Never miss out on going through the company’s background and achievements. 

iv. Appearing Uninterested Or Unenthusiastic About The Opportunity

Several candidates are waiting for that job opportunity. Hence, if you falter or sound uninterested while replying to questions like “Why do you want this job, “there is a high chance of losing the job. You need to be passionate and convincing while speaking. 


The question “Why do you want this job”  is tricky, and you might sound sceptical and confused while replying. Hence, it is necessary to form the answer beforehand and practise its delivery. If you need help framing the answer, the guidelines above can help. 

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Q1: What is the first step to answering why you want this job?

Ans: Before framing the answer, make sure you have thoroughly reviewed the company’s background. Pick a mission or goal that aligns with your skills and use them in your answer. 

Q2: What should you avoid while replying?

Ans: Giving generic and vague answers is discouraged. Moreover, refrain from sounding uninterested while speaking and try not to focus only on personal benefits. 

Q3: How is the answer different for freshers and experienced

Ans: If you are a fresher, focus more on interpersonal or soft skills, volunteer experience, internships, training, etc. However, for experienced candidates, you have to be more specific. For instance, state your past achievements and similar relevant information. 

Q4: How to answer the question in case of a career change?

Ans: While answering, try not to sabotage the image of your previous office. Rather, shed a positive light and move forward to how you resonate more with the present vision.

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