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Looking to begin your professional journey early on with call centre jobs? If you love making good conversations, and talking over the phone for hours on end, call centre jobs could be a very satisfying experience for you.

Since call centre jobs do not need specific qualifications, you get to work with people from diverse backgrounds, making it more fun at work.

Having said that, call centre jobs require you to have its own set of interpersonal skills. You have to be prepared to work hard, be able to adapt to difficult and stressful situations. It also demands you to show a cool, calm and collected head and not get discouraged by the occasional difficult customer on call.

So, if you are going ahead with call centre jobs, here are some details about what they have in store for you.

What you should know about call center jobs?

Since most call centres serve clients from overseas, you must be open to working in various shifts and time zones. Across your customer base, you would be interacting with various kinds of people, temperaments and communication styles. This means you need to adapt to the situation, put your negotiation skills to use, or think on your feet for instant problem-solving.

Sometimes, finding out the best possible way around a problem requires help from fellow team members. Having a healthy relationship with your team members or other teams could go a long way.

Being the customer’s first point of contact means you represent the company you offer support from. This calls for you to put your best communication skills forward when interacting with people, irrespective of the situation. Receiving positive customer feedback can be extremely rewarding and help your performance rate, but at the same time things may not go as breezily under stressful customer issues. In such cases, it is important to keep your professional demeanour when responding to an angry or upset customer.

What is the difference between inbound and outbound call center?

As an inbound call center agent, you would take calls from customers regarding technical support or related issues to try and resolve them over the call. As the representative of your client, you need to resolve their complaints and queries with your best behaviour.

Additionally, your duties would include making the customer aware about your client’s other products and services, update them about any new developments, and develop and document the customer relationship data on a software system such as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

As an outbound call centre agent, your job would be to sell products or services on your client’s behalf to prospective customers through calls. These calls can be for a number of purposes including telemarketing, sales, fundraising and surveys. This type of job is more demanding as you need to be prepared for multiple rejections and rude customers.

Apart from making calls to customers, as an outbound call centre agent you would be expected to maintain an in-depth knowledge of the company products and services, pitch or recommend new products and services to customers, and schedule sales appointments.

Across these call centre jobs, you could represent companies or clients such as retailers, insurance providers, utility companies, healthcare centres and hotels, to name a few.

What are the skills you need to work in a call centre job?

While we have already laid out certain behavioural skills you need to have for call centre jobs, there are few more that could make you perform better.

Knowledge retention: This simply means that you need to be alert when the customer tells you their problem. You need to remember the details in one go. Remember, the customer is already probably unhappy due to an issue and having to repeatedly explain it to you doesn’t make it any better for them. So, retaining information is key.

Adaptability: Since you can’t predict what the next caller might come to you with, you need to have a broad mind about the problems addressed to you. You must show adaptability in responding to different situations in an instant.

Creativity: This might seem confusing since you would be expecting standard solutions to each type of problem, right? But what if the problem doesn’t have a regular answer at hand? You can’t expect the customer to understand that. Your job is to find a way around and use your thinking cap to come up with an alternative.

Organisation: This is quite important in call centre jobs, where you are dealing with multiple problems in a day. These could be first-time calls or follow-ups, and keeping track of each could end up in a mess if you do not organise the information and updates on each customer.

How to search for a call centre job?

If you think you have all the right skills needed for call center jobs, then go ahead and look up the top call centers in your city. A quick search on the Internet would give you a list of the best companies you could explore.

Since you do not need much with respect to qualifications, your resume should focus on your best skills. How you interact during the interview is a great way to show the employer your conversation skills.

If you are ready to work hard and enjoy taking up daily challenges, call centre jobs could be an exciting opportunity. The best part is that if you decide to move onto another industry, you would have some great transferrable skills from working in call centre jobs. Communication skills are one of the most sought-after and valued assets in almost every job role today and call centre jobs help you hone this set of skills well. This is a great way to gain some knowledge and experience as a fresher in the professional domain, with the opportunity to develop important people skills.

Make the most of your stint in call centre jobs for a fast-evolving and rewarding career trajectory. Start your search for call centre jobs today.