Teacher of Children with Special Needs

0-2 years
8 months ago
Job Description

  1. Muslim / Muslimah
  2. maximum age 35 years
  3. friendly, communicative and attractive
  4. likes children
  5. willing to go full time
Level: Minimum Bachelor's degree/ Bachelor's Degree
  • Guidance and counseling
  • Developmental psychology
  • General Psychology

    1. has experience accompanying children with special needs
    2. understands the child's character < /li>
    < td>Job description
    Entry Level:Entry Level
    Number:6 people
    Placement:sleman yogyakarta
    Work Type:fulltime
    1. accompanying children with special needs during the teaching and learning process
    2. formulating the program that the students under their care must undergo
    3. ensure that the child being accompanied follows all programs and teaching and learning activities according to the school curriculum
    4. evaluate the child's learning




    Guidance and counseling
    General Psychology

    Islamic University of Indonesia is a national private university in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It was established on 27 Rajab 1364 or on 8 July 1945 as Islamic Higher School by political figures of the day including Dr. Mohammad Hatta, Mohammad Natsir, Mohammad Roem, Wahid Hasyim, and Abdul Kahar Muzakir.

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