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Job Description

Company Description: Contractor Company, PT. Asuka Engineering Indonesia has built a business with a very high commitment to be the best, one of which is to become a quality contractor company. Supported by passionate and dedicated workers, both tough competition and obstacles have challenged us to be better. PT. Asuka Engineering Indonesia is committed to maintaining hard work to make the company as the leader. We believe that good quality is achieved by hard work and continuous experience which can continuously support us to make future innovations Job Description:

  • Membantu Project Manager dalam pelaksanaan proyek di lapangan
  • Melakukan ordinasi lapangan untuk memastikan proyek terlaksana sesuai schedule
  • Melaksanakan kordinasi lapangan agar proyek terlaksana dengan kualitas yang baik.
  • Melaksanakan kordinasi lapangan agar proyek terlaksana, efisien dan zero accident.
  • Mengatur, mengarahkan dan memberi instruksi kepada team construction di lapangan untuk mencapai target
  • Membantu Project Manager berkordinasi dengan client di lapangan
  • Membuat laporan Project





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