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Senior Software Engineer - Data Science Platform



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Job Description

About the Role

Data Scientists want to spend their time exploring data, crafting the right features and optimising their models so far so good. Production requires a lot more though. What about the data pipelines Scaling up infrastructure based on demand Running experiments at scale Feature data consistency This is where you come in as a Software Engineer for Gojek's ML platform.

Most companies embed ML engineers in data science teams to solve these problems. We do things a little differently at Gojek. We build self-service products for data scientists so they don't have to worry about deep engineering problems. Create your model and submit it to us, our platform will scale it up/down for you.

You will be joining a team that has already built industry-leading open-source tools. Our team invented Feast which companies like Twitter and Shopify now use. MLOps is changing fast, we're looking for engineers who are keen to build the next big thing in MLOps.

What You Will Do

    • Design and build our Machine Learning Platform to help Data Scientists productionize their models and features faster
    • Engineer high-reliability, high-performance services for sophisticated ML-driven functionality
    • Collaborate with Data Scientists to optimize ML models for high-throughput, low-latency use cases
    • Build internal tools and interfaces to improve the productivity of the team and improve the accessibility of our products

What You Will Need

    • At least 5 years as a Software Engineer, with fluency and experience in either Go, Python, or Java
    • Proven track-record building large-scale, high-throughput, low-latency production systems
    • Prior experience developing for and debugging Big Data and stream processing frameworks such as Spark, Kafka, and Flink
    • Good understanding of algorithms and data structures/ design patterns
    • Passion for Agile software development practices such as test-driven development, pair programming, etc.
    • Experience with relational databases, non-relational databases, cloud environments and cloud deployment technology (Terraform, Kubernetes, Helm)

Bonus Points If

    • You have working knowledge of ML frameworks such as TFX, Kubeflow, and MLflow
    • You have Data Science knowledge and familiarity with ML libraries such as Pandas, Scikit, Tensorflow, XGBoost, Keras
About the Team

Gojek's Data Science Platform team helps Data Scientists build production-scale ML applications easily. We are a team of about 10 ML and infrastructure engineers, spread across Indonesia and Singapore. You may know us as the creators of open-source MLops technologies such as Feast, Merlin and Turing. Our products are used in mission-critical parts of Gojek's product offerings, such as driver allocation, food recommendations, and fraud prevention.

About GoTo Group
GoTo Group is the largest digital ecosystem in Indonesia with its mission to Empower Progress by offering technological infrastructure and solutions for everyone to access and thrive in the digital economy. The GoTo ecosystem consists of on-demand transportation services, food and grocery delivery, logistics and fulfillment, as well as financial and payment services through the Gojek and GoTo Financial platforms.It is the first platform in Southeast Asia that hosts these crucial cases in a single ecosystem, capturing the majority of Indonesia's vast consumer household.

About Gojek
Gojek is Southeast Asia's leading on-demand platform and pioneer of the multi-service ecosystem with over 2.5 million driver partners across the regions offering a wide range of services such as transportation, food delivery, logistics and more. With its mission to create impact at scale, Gojek is committed to resolving consumer problems and raising standards of living by connecting consumers to the best providers of goods and services in the market.

About GoTo Financial
GoTo Financial accelerates financial inclusion through its leading financial services and merchants solutions. Its consumer services include GoPay and GoPayLater and serve businesses of all sizes through Midtrans, Moka, GoBiz Plus, GoBiz, and Selly. With its trusted and inclusive ecosystem of products, GoTo Financial is open to new growth opportunities and aims to empower everyone to Make It Happen, Make It Together, Make It Last.


Gojek is an Indonesian on-demand multi-service platform and digital payment technology group based in Jakarta. Gojek was first established in Indonesia in 2010 as a call center to connect consumers to courier delivery and two-wheeled ride-hailing services. Gojek launched its application in 2015 with only four services: GoRide, GoSend, GoShop, and GoFood. Valued at US$10 billion today, Gojek has transformed into a super app, providing more than 20 services.


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