Senior Associate - Tax - Corporate Tax EU&R

3-5 years
18 days ago
Job Description

Job Description & Summary

A career within Tax services, will provide you with the opportunity to help our clients meet and manage their tax obligations across unique but ever changing tax specialties. You'll advise clients on their local and overseas tax affairs, while acting as a strategic consultant related to business analysis, managing indirect taxes, dispute resolution, and global enterprise tax solutions.

Our team helps our clients identify and reduce tax risks, meet compliance obligations, implement tax strategies that complement business and operational objectives, resolve disagreements with tax authorities, and manage tax accounting and reporting issues. You'll be engaged in projects dealing with International tax, mergers and acquisitions, state and local tax accounting, regulatory processes, tax reporting and strategy.

Pre Engagement
  • Preparing risk management procedures, i.e. new client questionnaire, CES checking, assignment acceptance, relationship check, umbrella agreement, and confirmation of engagement. (This preparation can be delegated to associate).
  • Participating in the discussion with the team about the big picture of the project.
  • Helping manager in scoping, both scope of work and scope of exclusion.
  • Estimating fee for doing the project, e.g. fee for each team members, etc.
  • Organizing timeline.
  • Managing workload between senior associate's workload and associate/ junior team member's workload.
  • Preparing data request.
  • Preparing data template, i.e. power of attorney and assignment letter (for tax dispute only).
  • Reviewing associate/ junior team member's work.
  • Reporting to the manager in order to be reviewed by the manager.
  • Revising (if needed).


  • Participating in meeting with client to make minutes of meeting (MOM).
  • Briefing associate/ junior team member about the tasks that will be delegated, e.g. make cover letter, research regulation, collect or complete all the documents that are needed, make recapitulation and reconciliation, etc.
  • Mentoring and monitoring associate/ junior team member in doing the tasks.
  • Monitoring provision of data from client.
  • Monitoring provision of data from target company (for due diligence only).
  • Monitoring timeline and work progress.
  • Research regulation and other support data (for tax advisory only).
  • Reviewing or assessing the document or sampling (if the deadline is tight).
  • Reviewing work done by the associate/ junior team member, e.g. calculation, wording, regulation, etc.
  • Discussing or sharing information with ABAS (for audit support only) and FAS (for due diligence only).
  • Identifying tax issue in order to prepare memo in report.
  • Analyzing tax issue based on tax, law, and finance side in order to prepare draft comments in report (for tax advisory only).
  • Updating the rest of team members on progress or issues encountered.
  • Preparing tax return (for compliance only), response letter, caveat, and appeal letter (for tax dispute only) or sometimes these tasks are delegated to the associate.
  • Making report which contains calculation, supporting document, tax impact, and key issue.
  • Reporting to the manager in order to be reviewed by the manager.
  • Discussing with the manager about the tax issues.
  • Revising report (if needed).
  • Submitting tax return to the tax office (for compliance only).
  • Participating in the discussion with tax office to support manager about the documents (for tax dispute only).
  • Preparing the supporting document that will be submitted to the tax office (for tax dispute only).
  • Participating in closing conference (for tax dispute only).

Post Engagement

  • Preparing billing description, i.e. compiling timesheet, counting recovery in percentage, and making invoice.
  • Organizing documents that will be filed.
  • Delegating filing task to associate.
  • Monitoring filing and cross-referencing.
  • Compiling data with other line of service, i.e. ABAS (for audit support only) and FAS (for due diligence and tax advisory). develop internal relationships and your PwC brand

Job Requirements :

  • Has a minimum bachelor degree from Accounting/ Fiscal with GPA minimum 3.00 out of 4.00.
  • 3 - 5 years related working experience.
  • Understand tax regulation.
  • Good analytical skills.
  • Eyes for details.
  • Good team player and enjoy working collaboratively with people from variety of backgrounds.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skill.
  • Proficient level both in written and spoken English.


Degrees/Field of Study required:

Degrees/Field of Study preferred: Bachelor Degree - Accounting and Taxation, Bachelor Degree - Accounting, Bachelor Degree - Finance


Required Skills

Optional Skills

Desired Languages

Travel Requirements

Up to 40%

Available for Work Visa Sponsorship


Government Clearance Required




Job Source:

Established in the region for 40 years, PwC has around 8,000 people in 12 countries across the region: Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, the Palestinian territories, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Our regional team operates across the Middle East bringing international experience delivered within the context of the region and its culture. We can bring the collective knowledge and experience of more than 328,000 people across the entire global PwC network in advisory, assurance and tax to help you find the value you are looking for.