Normative and Productive Teacher

0-2 years
8 months ago
Job Description

< p>- Maximum age 35 years

- Minimum GPA 2.80

- Understand the curriculum for vocational school

- Fresh graduates and graduates from non-education are welcome to apply

- Willing to be placed in the Cilacap area

Level: Diploma
Majors: All Majors

- D3 -S1 Education in Automotive Engineering/Automotive Engineering/Industrial Engineering/Mechanical engineering education/Mechanical Engineering/relevant

- D3- S1 Education in Electrical Engineering/Electrical Engineering/Mechatronics Engineering/Electro Instrumentation/relevant

< p>- Bachelor of Physical Education/PJOK/Sports Science/relevant

- Bachelor of Mathematics Education

- Bachelor of English Education

< td>Job Type
Entry Level:Entry Level
Amount:10 people
:fulltimeJob description:
  1. Responsible for planning, preparing, and implementing learning in the classroom.
  2. Recording, assessing, and reporting performance & student development, and also create learning plans.
  3. Monitor learning outcomes and prepare activities to support learning outcomes.
  4. Work together with the team to provide quality, interesting and interactive lessons based on the Plan Implementation of Learning.
  5. Responsible for other tasks given by the Principal related to the school program.

Mess provided for employees outside the Cilacap area



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