Head of Implementing Agency (Manager)

8 months ago
Job Description

1. Indonesian Citizen
2. Muslim
3. Physically and spiritually healthy
4. Have qualifications and competencies in accordance with requirements
5. Have integrity and a personality that is beyond reproach
6. Never been sentenced to imprisonment based on a court decision that already has a permanent legal decision
for committing a crime with imprisonment
7. Never been dishonorably dismissed as an employee
8. Not currently serving as an administrator and/or member of a political party
9. Not being a suspect or defendant in the judicial process with a statement letter on a stamp and
10. Willing to undergo a probationary period in accordance with statutory provisions before becoming a Permanent Employee.< br/>
Level: Minimum Bachelor/S1
Departments: All Departments

Registration can be done via the link from the website BPKH (www.bpkh.go.id), by filling in personal data and uploading all required documents, including the following:

1. Application letter signed on a stamp of IDR 10,000,- addressed to members of the BPKH Implementing Body for Human Resources, Compliance, Planning and Assessment

2. Softcopy of valid Resident Identification Card

3. Passport photo latest colored size 4x6 cm

4. Photocopy of diploma (minimum S1)

5. Curriculum vitae containing information about education and work experience

6. Keter letter Police Notes (SKCK) and

7. INTEGRITY PACT statement letter signed on a Rp. 10,000 stamp.

Educational Qualifications (minimum):

Bachelor's degree in all majors/study programs with A accreditation or S2/MM EMBA with A accreditation

Experience Qualifications (minimum):

Have/Have worked in print or electronic media or on social media for at least 2 (two) years

Have attended social media training (proven by certificate).

Have skills in making presentation materials, video presentations or film making (proven by work).

Have skills or experience in extracurricular fields (music, art, photography, poetry, literature, Master of Ceremony or written work).

Currently/have worked in a sharia financial institution.

Entry Level:Entry Level
Work Type:fulltime


Islamic University of Indonesia is a national private university in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It was established on 27 Rajab 1364 or on 8 July 1945 as Islamic Higher School by political figures of the day including Dr. Mohammad Hatta, Mohammad Natsir, Mohammad Roem, Wahid Hasyim, and Abdul Kahar Muzakir.

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