Customer Onboarding Manager

4-6 years
23 days ago
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Job Description

About The Role

WebEngage prides itself on delivering efficient, effective solutions across a wide range of industries. The key to our success is largely dependent on the stellar ability of our Onboarding team. We're currently searching for an experienced customer onboarding manager to join our ranks and continue our tradition of success. The ideal candidate will have a sharp business mind and a proven ability to strategize and implement high-level project initiatives. As a natural-born leader, you will have a strong talent for project coordination and delegation. Ultimately, you are motivated by the desire to provide effective product training, meet project deadlines, and provide a delightful onboarding experience from inception to completion.

A strategic position that allows you to be the main point of contact for mid-market & enterprise clients overseeing all processes during the onboarding and implementation phase to maximize the ongoing relationship. As a Customer Onboarding Manager, it will be your reasonability to gather the requirements from some pretty senior-level executives to which then you will implement this fantastic product into some of the largest businesses out there. This involves mapping out customer processes, configuring the software, and working both with customer stakeholders and the internal team.

Essential Functions And Responsibilities

  • A client-facing, consultative approach to business with the main goal of benefitting both parties.
  • Responsible for managing the product implementation and integration.
  • Working with clients, running workshops, and project meetings.
  • Ensuring that the product is delivered to agreed scope and timelines, with customer satisfaction on the quality of work.
  • Reporting KPIs on a weekly basis.
  • Planning and forecasting resource requirements based on future demands.
  • Implementing methodology and best practices to continue to develop and scale the delivery of this product
  • Developing and executing strategies for leveraging data and running projects with customers to help improve their processes and use data to help drive product development
  • Training relevant stakeholders from the client's team to ensure they understand and are able to use the product to see the value and determine ROI from our product.
  • Oversee multiple projects and ensure onboarding timelines are met.
  • Assist with challenging client requests or issue escalations as needed.

Knowledge, Skills, And Abilities

  • Master's degree in business administration or related field.
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Applications/IT or an equivalent combination.
  • 4 to 6 years Project Management or Business Analyst experience (preference given to those with project management experience in B2B SAAS Industry)
  • Working knowledge of digital marketing, marketing automation, SAAS implementation, campaign management.
  • Knowledge on which flavor of Agile to use and when to use it.
  • Experience managing projects with multiple stakeholders, running meetings/conference calls and smaller workshops with Mid-Market or Enterprise Client.
  • Strong working knowledge of CRM/CDP management systems.
  • Basic conceptual understanding of data flow through API, Webhooks, SDK, GTM will be advantageous.
  • Proficiency in Bahasa and English is a must






CRM/CDP management systems
SAAS implementation
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