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3 months ago
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Job Description

Selected Person: If you're willing to switch your career to be an entepreneur, it will be suit for you. If you're not interested, please don't apply this vacant.

(Help you to reach Million Dollar Income Table.)

We are pleased to announce the Lifehub by Vision is now actively recruiting new partner for public.

Lifehub is a Financial Agency that focus on People Development & Income Accelarator. We're affiliate with Allianz Business System that allow you making more income with our Business.


1. Open Minded & Growth Mindset

2. Willing to be taught

3. Willing to be mentored by our business mentor.


1. Income Accelaration ( Commision Based possible more than 35Mio/month for 2 Years )

2. Networking

3. Knowledge in Business, Finance, & Insurance.

4. Supportive Community

  • Commision Based & Bonuses: Weekly, Twice a Month, & Yearly.


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